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Saturday, June 28, 2014

Fremont Street - The Other Vegas Downtown

Lulu on Fremont Street in Downtown Vegas last night.

East Side Fremont Street is covered with old neon lights from casinos past.

Last night Lulu and I returned to the Vegas of old - Fremont Street. In 1977 - when we crossed the USA in our little trailer - we spent some time in this wild west town. It reminds you a bit of the old downtown shopping areas across America trying to complete with the new super malls. They are trying every trick they can - but mostly nostalgia fuels this place. Nostalgia and freaks.

It was a $20 cab ride downtown and a $6 bus ride back to our hotel. Drinks are cheaper - so is food - and the Black Jack tables seemed friendlier to us. On the eastern end of Fremont Street is a development made of shipping containers. They did a really nice job of that - we had some great barbecue - and listened to some live entertainment.  On the western end is the Fremont Street Experience. They built a quarter mile long canopy over the street for shade in the day. In the night they project multi-media shows. The removed the cars about 10 years ago - so now the street itself is a big mall. The old neon signs still grace the historic casinos there.

I had read that the El Cortez still has $5 Black Jack tables that had good odds. They still paid 3 to 2 on Black Jack. We sat down and enjoyed playing - and after about 1/2 hours we were ahead $40. We walked - it was late by our standards - 10:30. As we played cards - an Elvis Impersonator was singing  to a group of about 10 people in the bar. I caught a few moments on a video.

One could just roam around here and take pictures of oddities. People are strange and this place attracts the strangest. I am guessing some folks thought the same way about us. I guess the old saying is true - we are all a case of bad genes and bad liquor.

Under that high street canopy is a freak show. People will do almost anything to draw your camera. They will pose with you - 95% naked - for a couple dollars. We are not just talking naked women - we saw one young African American man with just a cod piece on - look it up. I have not included any pictures - I do not pay for photos :-)

Lulu had a hard day of work - and she has another busy day Saturday - so we caught the bus up Las Vegas Boulevard - back to our hotel on the Strip. Friday night is a very busy time in Vegas. Room prices double - shows sell out faster - and gambling odds lean more toward the casino's favor.

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