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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Busy Day in Paris Hotel ------ Las Vegas

Places along the Strip get farther and farther apart every time we visit Las Vegas.

We were up at 6 AM. In the morning it was only in the 70s and was quite pleasant.

Dickie and Jan Davis arrived from Phoenix around noon. We chatted a while and then got tickets for two shows. Then we had lunch in a restaurant in our hotel.

First - we went to the Popovich Animal Comedy Show right next door at 4 PM. Now we are in an intermission back at our rooms - getting showered up for a second round - a 7 PM BeeGees Show at the Excalibur Hotel down the Strip about 1/2 mile.

All afternoon it was sunny and 100s.

Lulu lost our tickets to this second show. We called the theatre and they said we could come over because she bought the tickets on credit card and they have a record.

The Davis's are spending 2 nights here - they have a room on the 24th floor. We are on the 30th.

I did not get to see Shelby America yet - but I have 6 more days to go. That is the place that makes the lovely Shelby Cobra sports car.

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