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Monday, June 23, 2014

At TLH Airport - On The Way to Las Vegas

We just had a cloud burst at Tallahassee. The drainage ditches along Seminole Drive were flowing as the cab brought us here.

We will fly to Atlanta - then on to Nevada. Lulu has a first class upgrade to Atlanta so far - she is second on the list for an upgrade to Las Vegas.

Temperature on The Strip have been in the hundreds.

We will be staying at the Paris Hotel on the Strip for the entire 8 days.

Lulu has an American Library Association convention - but we built in plenty of free time for us. We each have one carry-on bag for all our stuff. We travel lightly.

We are at the gate now - and the plane to Atlanta is still boarding. This is the flight before us. Our boarding has been pushed back to 3:19 PM.

We are sitting at th window - the east/west runway in front of us is just mud - sand and dirt. They have completely scraped all the concrete off to take a large hump out of the runway. If you stand on one end of the runway you cannot see someone standing on the other end because of the hump. That will be fixed. All flights coming an doing to Tallahassee use the north/south runway. There has been a reduction of air traffic ove four home because we are in line with the runway that is torn up now.

While we are in Vegas - Dickie and Jan Davis will be flying up from Phoenix to spend a few days with us. They are old friends from Tamaqua PA.

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