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Saturday, May 24, 2014

Walking The Streets of Concord NH On Saturday Night

New Hampshire State House

Concord and New Hampshire are famous for having the first Presidential Primary every 4 years. 

The Capitol Building is tiny compared to most states. At 8 PM it was locked tight for Saturday night - but the last time we were here - the legislature was in session. We walked right in the building - no metal detectors - etc. We went right to the gallery - sat down and listened to debate. Their motto is - live free or die - and their government is open. 

At 8 PM on Saturday night - it seemed like the sidewalks were already rolled in. Even the CVS was closed. We found a nice little Italian place that had a dinner for 2 special for $8 including drinks. No sales tax. Our hotel is on the main street about 1 mile from the Capitol. Tomorrow we will take I-93 - which is right outside our hotel - to Boston Airport. 

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