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Friday, May 23, 2014

Cruise Day 7 - Friday - All Day in the City of Quebec

We spent all day today walking around Quebec. I have to add Quebec to our list of top cities visited - right up there with - Venice - London - Athens - Paris - Rome - Munich - Rio - Havana - Honolulu - NY - Miami and Washington. It barely reached 60 today - but it was sunny and windy. 

Quebec is on two levels - river level - and high on the bluff. This whole area of Canada is solid granite - and the locals put it to good use. Many of the buildings are solid stone blocks. 

There is a tiny electric bus that circles the area going up and down the bluff. For $2 you can ride forever. We also rode the inclined plane up the face of the cliff. It reminded us of Pittsburgh. 

We had lunch at the 1640 Restaurant. While enjoying a 4 course meal for $15 - the free wifi let us know we got an offer on our 1607 Seminole house. If they buy it - we would be happy to welcome new neighbors to our neighborhood. We love being so close to everything right downtown - next to campus.

We are sitting in the cruise terminal now next to our ship - free wifi. Our ship stays in port tonight - tomorrow we will get off at 9 AM - get our rental car - and head toward Boston. We plan to spend Saturday night in New Hampshire - then fly home. 

Lulu said this is Josephine Baker - I doubt it.

These buildings date from the 1600s - all granite.

More 1600s buildings.

Beautiful sunny Quebec.

The is Quebec along the river.

Notre Dame Church. In 1608 - Quebec was founded here.

Inside Notre Dame Church.

I wonder what this means in French.

For $2.50 you ride the included plane to the top of the bluff.

The Frontenac Hotel sits high above the city.

If I were staying here - this would be the place.

The 1640 Restaurant - the red roof one - we had lunch there - really nice and reasonable.

From the Citadel - a selfie trying to show our ship behind Lulu's head.

A protest in front of the Quebec Capitol.

I am not sure what they were protesting - but they looked and sounded pretty. 

I liked the colorful protestors flag. You can the wind was strong.

The boardwalk and step up to the fort - our ship in the background.

Our friends Joel and George Dawson had a room her for the winter festival - but their flight was cancelled.

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