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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Cruise Day 5 - We had a beautiful day in the 70s and sunny at Charlottetown PEI

Here I am right outside our state room on deck - with free wifi. I am blogging from the deck.

Is is 3:30 PM - our ship does not pull out of port until 5:30. I am on the deck overlooking the Charlottetown Harbor and Port. I found a fews wifi signal so I thought I would catch up on my web page.

So far on our cruise - we have been lucky with Internet. Every town has had free wifi at the cruise terminal - along with many restaurants in town. On the ship - while at sea - it is expensive. They charge $1 a minute for slow service. We do not use it. Through some strange miracle - I can receive the wifi New York Times all of the time - day or night. I do have a pay subscription to the NY Times for $15 a month - but to get it on ship is a treat.

Today was the nicest day on shore to date. The temperature climbed to near 70 - and it was sunny - very hot in the sun. It felt like a miracle because when we pull dingo port - it was so foggy - you could not see 100 feet.

In the 1700s and 1800s - Charlottetown was one of the busiest places in Canada. In 1865 - they met here to from a confederation of all the separate provinces. It is sorta like their Philadelphia. Although PEI is an island - it is now connected to mainland Canada by a 9 mile long bridge.

We left the ship twice today. First we left at 9 AM to tour the Province Capital Building. Since downtown is very close to the dock - we went back on board for lunch - for two reasons. First - the food is free - and second - they were having a local treat - mussels. Lulu wanted the mussels. After lunch we went back out to shop and visit the cathedral. The weather has a big influence on how you rate a visit - but this is a sweet town. I could return here - but it would be in July or August. The island has beautiful white sand beaches - but the water is COLD.

The Duncan Cathedral in Charlottetown

The room where the Canadian Provinces met to unite.

Our guide Chloe in the Province Capitol

I note a Franklin Stove in the Province Capitol Library.

PEI Province Capitol.

PEI Province Capitol

The Ann of Green Gables Store

This must be the national snow blower - it was in front of the Capitol

Ann of Green Gables is a children's book written here.

I wanted to ge this pinafore until I saw the price - $195

Ann of Green Gables license plate

National War Heroes Monument - PEI

 On ship - Lulu and I love the hot tubs.

Charlottetown in the background 

Everywhere we go - they claim the best ice cream. For me - they are all the same - and all good.

Inside the Duncan Cathedral

Our ship from the PEI Convention Center

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