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Saturday, May 17, 2014

Boston - Enjoyed Fenway Park And Rain

Lulu got us a great free room at the Hyatt Regency downtown. She had points from a previous visit. We are right downtown at Boston Commons. We stopped at an Irish pub for supper on our two mile trek to Fenway park. We got tickets under cover for $20. It was a good think because it started to pour in the third inning. We has an hour delay - lucky it stayed warm - about 70. We ate junk food - cotton candy - fried dough - and chocolate ice cream. After 6 innings of a yawner and the score 1-0 we left. We went outside and a limo offered us a ride for $25. Lulu said no and we got a cab. It only cost $10 and got we back quickly. It poured off and on all night.

This opening we got up. The weather cleared a bit. I brought breakfast back to our room on the 20th floor. We will return to a nice heated stainless steel tube for a swim before we catch our ship at 1 pm. We pull out at 4 pm. I have tons of pictures if I find wifi before we pull out. The ship's internet is insanely priced.

Our first stop is Bar Harbor - Maine tomorrow.

Lulu said she could live in Boston if the pay were high enough.

Red Sox lost 1-0. FSU boys beat Duke last night and girls beat South Florida. They are both in the NCAA playoffs.

For the trip Lulu bought me a new iPhone 5S and a new Mac Book Air laptop. This is from the phone.

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