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Saturday, April 26, 2014

We Went To The Rose Parade Friday - In Thomasville GA - The City of Roses.

This old Army tank was ready to break down. 

Yesterday I wanted to see the opening day of movie Draft Day with Kevin Costner. It was playing at the mall at 2:45 - so off we went. I tried to use a gift card to buy the $7.50  tickets - but it had expired.  When we got into our theatre - there were 8 people. 

Movie Review - Draft Day is a great movie. It was like your were following the General Manager of the Cleveland Browns for a day - in this case Costner. Except for a couple curses - it could be a G rated movie. 

After the movie - Lulu said she wanted to go to the Rose Parade. You re-call we went to the Rose Parade 2 years ago in Pasadena. This time the parade was in the City of Roses - Thomasville GA. It is about 25 miles north of town - we had time to get there by 6 - have supper - and watch the one hour parade. The Rose Festival is this weekend. 

We found a place called The Chop House right on Broad Street -  we could have watched the parade from the restaurant. Our dinner was excellent - the dining room was in a big old 4 story hotel. We ate under metal embossed ceilings - it reminded us of our youth in Tamaqua. We didn't watch for there  - at about 20 minutes to parade time we walked a little for exercise. there was a nice size crowd - ver y clam family atmosphere.

At 8 PM - we hopped in our car and were home in about 45 minutes.

 The parade started with the Thomasville band.

The Georgia Agriculture Commissioner drove by in his tractor. 

Plenty of candidates were in the parade - this Corvette was one of the nicest cars.

Guys with bagpipes always get a big applause

An old Ford

Then a row of old Fords

And more Model A Fords.

Flowers Bakery is headquartered in Thomasville.

What perked up Lulu's attention to this float?

 The float was lined with familiar cakes. Flowers Baking Company purchased Tasty Kake. Lulu's daddy was a salesman for Tasty Kake for 35 years. She just loved their cherry pies. Now there is an outlet store about 1 miles from us. We can by boxes that contain 6 packs of Tasty Kakes for 99 cents total! My favorite are the peanut butter and chocolate Tandy Kakes. 

The parade ended with the Rose Queen and her court. 

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