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Sunday, April 06, 2014

We Had A Busy Sunday - Dinner at Angello's - Then A Snake - Then A Walk on the Beach - Finally A Light and Water Show

See Lulu and Lori at the Cascades Park Light and Water Show. This water park is just down the street from our home. Kids can play in it during the day.

The biggest surprise about this black racer snake is that Lulu did not run away - she stayed to watch it. 

Lori and Lori enjoyed the light - water - and sound show at Cascades Park.

George and Joel wanted to show us their new Ford Fusion Hybrid. At 11 AM - they picked us up and we headed south to the beach. First we stopped at Angello's - a famous seafood restaurant in Panacea FL.  After that we walked along Bald Point State Park and saw a black racer snake about 4 feet long.  We walked the beach at Gator Point. Time flew and it was 4 PM - so we headed home.

At the beach George - Joel - and Harry - were all lined up with their cameras waiting for action. All of a sudden a big bird swopped down and pulled out a big fish. Because he was flying into a brisk wind - he struggled to slowly stay in the air - the fish flapping away. All 5 of us just stood there dumbstruck - no one got the picture.

After supper we went to Cascades Park about 1/2 mile down the street. they have a water and light show there. In the daytime kids can play in the fountains - at night they have a light - water - and sound show that is very nice. We took another walk around the park - and came home to watch the NCAA girls games on TV.

Joel's new Ford Fusion Hybrid is very nice. It is a garnet color outside with tan leather inside that almost looks gold. They got over 45 miles per gallon the whole trip. It comfortably seats 5 people.

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