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Saturday, April 05, 2014

The Sister Act Went To The Pioneer Breakfast - Now They Are Off To Join The Circus

Lori and Lulu shared a bedroom as kids - even though they were 10 years apart. Now they share tour of Tallahassee. 

The animals at the Tallahassee Museum were ready for lunch too.

Lori and Lulu are tearing up the town.

Last night they went to the Notre Dame at FSU baseball game. They went during the 7th inning - so they could get in free - and see the late action. Notre Dame quickly scored 5 runs - then FSU scored 2 to tie it in the 9th. The game ended in the 12th inning - FSU scored a walk off run. The got home around 11 PM - and went on and on about the game like a couple of bench jockeys.

This morning begot up at 8 AM to go to the Pioneer Breakfast at the Tallahassee Museum. The museum is more like a game preserve with old buildings. The pioneer breakfast included pancakes - sausage - grits and  eggs. After that we walked through the exhibits.

After that - we went to campus to see FSU softball beat Maryland 10-2. the second game was to start 30 minutes later so we came home for lunch.

Next - the sisters go to the FSU Circus. It is Parents Weekend and the Big Top opens at 2 PM.

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