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Thursday, April 24, 2014

The Everhart 8 Spent Spring Break In Tallahassee At Our New Home

Last week - for the first time - the Everhart 8 enjoyed a visit together in the new house. We went on all sorts of adventures - but mainly just enjoyed the time together. The beach - the park - the museums - the zoo - baseball games - zip lining - basketball hoops - rentals vans - MumMum's meals -  filled the week. 

Making pancakes with MumMum with cookie cutters in her new kitchen

Keith and Liz could only make it for the 3 day weekend. We went to Spring Hill Restaurant for supper Friday and Carabelle Beach Sunday. The restaurant was written up in the NY Times. they have great seafood - I had chicken.

Building Castles and Moats at Carabelle Beach on the Gulf

Now THAT is a beach shovel

The youngest Everharts at the beach

A box of cookies in the beach tent hit the spot

Grandmother and granddaughter at the Tallahassee Museum

A dinosaur made of tires

This young man was the first to try the Tree to Tree adventure

Dinosaurs made of car parts were all over the Tallahassee Museum

Quiet time with the iPads

Making cookies in MumMum's new kitchen

 A bow just like Minnie Mouse

Watching the sea turtle eat a blue crab at the Marine Specimen Aquarium in Panacea

Building a kite from scratch

Drew on the Zip Line adventure

Up that hill is our home. Lulu rides by this new Cascades Park going to work at FSU

Playing in Grandma's Attic in the Tallahassee History Museum

I wonder why this guy cheered for JACKsonville against FSU

Super hero capes and a hair pin to keep the hair in place

A visit to old house old up the street - by the pool

Touching the animals at the Aquarium

After the beach it was a nap in the rental van

Two lefties designing a kite

Guess who was sleeping in the palm tree room

A glowing pirate cup for breakfast goes with eggs in front of the fireplace

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