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Monday, April 07, 2014

Sunday's Walk On The Beach - At Alligator Point

It is 43 miles from our house to 1516 Alligator Drive. There is a very nice public access to a giant white beach with lots of wild life - beautiful sunsets - and places to stretch out. Lulu loves swimming there - when we first moved to Tallahassee - she wanted to buy a house there and drive 43 miles back to Tallahassee to teach. 

The road to Alligator Point is mostly a quiet two lane highway with light traffic - through a national forest. You pass through two small towns - Crawfordville and Panacea - along the way.

Joel took a few pictures of us on our walk. We walked about 3 miles on our adventure. The sun was not out - but we did get a little red on our faces. I think the Gulf water was 72. In the summer I can recall 86 degree water there. 

1516 Alligator Drive. There are a few public parking spots - with a sand path and bridge to the beach.

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