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Monday, April 21, 2014

In Florida They Say - Mow The Lawn - In The Coal Region We Say Cut The Grass

Today I cut the grass at our new home for the first time. It took 37 minutes using our John Deere 48 inch mower. It went pretty well. I had the blades set at 4 inches - so I was mostly cutting stray weeds - the grass is green now - but it has not really put down deep roots.

I took these pictures at sunset tonight after I finished. So most of the time I am shooting into the sun. 

The 3 car garage was a bribe Lulu offered so that I would remove the metal building. Once we sold the motor home - we no longer needed a garage with 10 foot high doors.

Facing east you can see some of the swales in the lot to direct water away from the buildings. According to Florida Code - the land must slope away from the buildings in all directions. The floor must be one foot above the ground 10 feet away. 

Up on top of that hill in the background is where the metal building used to be. 

All utilities enter the house underground from this island. 

The back porch has our old patio furniture on it. The tiles are non-slip.

My friend Jimmy Knowles taught me how to wax my heat pump/AC.

The tankless water heater is in the wall right next to the tub and shower. One can sit in the tub and  watch the world go by.

This is the view from our front porch. We kept some pines- dogwoods - camellias - azaleas. We will also plant oranges - lemons - grapefruits - and kumquats on the left.

The house was designed to look like a Florida Plantation - but it is starting to look more and more like a Pennsylvania Dutch Farmhouse. 

The garage is 24 x 36. Two bays are for our cars - the third bay holds the tractor - golf cart - scooters - and lawn sweeper. There is a little attic in the garage. 

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