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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The Everhart Boys Conquer the Tallahassee Museum Zip Line Adventure

Harry in Slow Motion

For Spring Break - the Everhart 8 converged in Tallahassee. One of the highlights was the Tree to Tree Adventure at the Tallahassee Museum. First - my grandson decided to do it. Then it looked like so much fun - that Pop and Drew took a chance. 

All dressed up in a harness ready to go.

With the red safety line - I was surprised how easily you adapted and trusted the equipment.

Drew walked across this 100 foot tightrope. Without the safety cable he could have been food for alligators 40 feet below.

The cypress swamp was really high from all the rain we had.

When on a zip line - there are about 15 - you have 3 cable and clamps holding you. If 2 would break - the third one is strong enough to hold a bus. 

You wear heavy gloves and use one to brake. 

You transfer from one task to another - one cable at a time. 

There were lots of other obstacles up in the tree

Walking the net.

They sold T shirts with this logo on it.

The swinging obstacles were the most difficult for me.

The rope bridges were relatively easy.

This was the hardest and most scary for me. 

The zips were the most fun. There was one place where Drew and I zipped at the same time - and the lines crisscrossed and I went over him.

Our guide below stayed with us for the full 2 hour adventure.

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