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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Lulu and I Took Separate Scooters to Games Tonight - We Got To Celebrate With President Barron At His Last FSU Game

The Seminole won the game and are going to New York City this weekend. President Barron will be moving to State College. 

Lulu had to teach a class from 6 to 8 tonight. So I decided to go to the Florida A&M at FSU softball game at 6 - then on to the NIT basketball game between Louisiana Tech and FSU. I took my white scooter so that I could park close to the events. 

After 3 innings - FSU has the softball gam win hand 3-0. FSU's pitcher had not given up a hit. I decided to move onto the 7 PM basketball game. I later found out the games ended 8-0 and the FSU pitcher threw a no hitter. 

At the basketball game it was a different crowd. Imagine being able to see an NCAA basketball game for $10 and be able to sit in any seat you wanted. It is a much better atmosphere when people are allowed to fill in the empty seats - it just seems louder and more exciting. You get to rub elbows with the other fans. 

At 8 PM - I get and email from Lulu. she was going to ride her blue Vespa to the arena. By 8 PM - the temperature was in the 50s. But she made it - and the ticket collectors let her in for free. I was able to purchase a ticket outside for $8. 

President Barron posing with the team - on April 1st he becomes a Nit Lion.

I arrived late from the softball game and settled for this seat.

FSU beat Florida A&M in the annual in-town rivalry.

After the game - the temperature was in the 40s. It is the first time I remember lulu and I riding separate scooters together. 

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