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Monday, February 24, 2014

We Saw The Broadway Show Memphis Last Night - and Keith Emailed to Say FSU Beat Pitt at Pitt

We bought a very nice pair of tickets on Craigslist to see the Broadway Show - Memphis. It is a very upbeat musical comedy that won a Tony Award on Broadway in 2010. The tickets were up front and included VIP parking and dinner with the cast. To my surprise the show started at 7:30 and the dinner was AFTER the show at about 10 PM. That was quite a task for a guy that eats at 5 PM  :-) It was a fantastic meal - and the cast were genuinely happy to sit there and talk about the show.

During the second act - Keith texted us to tell us that FSU beat Pitt at Pitt in basketball. Not only did we expect to lose - but Pitt seldom loses at home. FSU led bell to bell with one tie at 5 minutes to go. Lulu was all excited to get home to see the recorded game - but for some reason she did not get the last 30 minutes. So she stayed up until midnight to see the full replay.

Our team has been in the doldrums and we did not expect to make the NCAA playoffs. A big win like this puts them back on the bubble.

We are going to be in Germany from March 2 to 8. The game against Syracuse that we have 4 tickets for is March 9. I was going to sell them for a hearty profit - now Lulu is not so sure. We like to volunteer to be bumped on our plane flights . That would make us late for the game and $300 of tickets would go to waste.

At any rate it was a great weekend. Someone bought my camper (more on that later) - w head a fantastic play - and then FSU beat Pitt. We also have a deal in the works to trade the metal building for a new driveway and paddock. but that is another story.

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