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Monday, February 03, 2014

TV Cable Cut Right Before Super Bowl

While we were away - they were working on the foundation for the new garage. We got home from our trip to South Carolina about 4 PM. Lulu turned on the television and it was blank. She checked on her recordings and found out that sometime on Friday the DVR stopped recording programs. Now what could have possibly happened Friday morning?

Since the Directv man buried the cable just a few days ago - I knew right where it was located. I found the break - or breaks as it turned out to be. While driving in stakes to brace the foundation - they drove not one - but two through the cable. I was able to splice in a piece of cable I had in our old garage.

We had the TV working in plenty of time for the kickoff. The game was a disappointing blowout as we all know. At least some of the commercials were good.

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