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Friday, February 14, 2014

Sue Paterno Spent $2 Million To Get Her Name On A College Library - Harry Did It The Discount Way

What a Valentine's day gift! A couple of years ago I was driving down the street and a wrecking crew was tearing down an old club called "Late Night Library." I stopped the action to save the sign because I thought it would be a cool gift for Lulu. She is a library professor - you know.

For two years I had the sign hanging on our back porch. Then one day - a friend Wayne was at one of our parties. He said - he thought that the Strozier Main Library would like to have that sign for their new Library Commons area.

Today Lulu and I were invited to an unveiling. I was asked to make a few remarks about how I "saved" the sign. It turns out that the Late Night Library was a famous college hotspot. Many kids told their parents they were at the library - when they were in fact drinking at the Late Night Library.

After I spoke - and they unveiled the sign - Lulu seemed relieved I did not say anything too embarrassing. She even posed for a kiss in front of the sign on Valentine's Day.

An engraved plaque hangs next to the sign in the Starbucks in the Library Commons. It claims I rescued the sign for posterity. Really - I thought it would just be a cool sign to hang on our back porch bar. Now my name is engraved on the library wall "for posterity." Sue and I both made big donations to college libraries  :-)

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