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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Someone In Berlin Wants To Buy My Picture

The first Apple Computer - Apple I

Someone in Berlin wants to buy a picture I took in 2001.

Here is the letter - 

Hi Harry, 

I found the Picture of the first Apple computer ( ) on your Blog. And I was wondering if you would give me the permission to use it in an company employee lecture presentation and what you money you would like to have to license it for this usage. 

It would be great if you send us the image in higher resoultion. 

I happy to hear for you soon.


Philipp Stelzner
Berlin - Germany

My reply -

Hi Philipp - 

Thank you for reading my blog. You are welcome to use the picture of the Apple I computer - free of charge. If you would like - you can give me a credit. Use any one of these. 

Picture by

Picture by

I took that picture at the Smithsonian Institute in Washington DC in April of 2001. I was just there in December and the computer is still there.

This picture is old - 2001 - so it is not a very high pixel count.

I have never been to Berlin. But it is a small world - I am flying to Berlin on March 2nd. We will be there until March 8th. I will be writing stories about Berlin on my blog. My wife is a professor at Florida State University. She is going to a conference in Berlin. We will be staying at the Eurostars Berlin Hotel. Do you live near that hotel?

Again - thanks for reading my blog. Use my pictures as you see fit.

Sincerely yours -

Harry Everhart
1816 Seminole Drive
Tallahassee FL 32301

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