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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Putting The Roof On The New Garage

Our garage is about 90% complete. Yesterday was a perfect day for shingling the roof. It was in the 70s and sunny. A crew of 5 guys took less than 2 hours to do the deed. The underlayment was already  on the ¾ plywood sheeting. Since the roof is plain - they had very little cutting to do.

Since we are not finishing the inside of the garage - they used the shortest nail possible that met building code - one inch - to apply the shingles. With the stack of fiberglas asphalt shingles - the little plastic washers - and the ¾ inch plywood - very few nail tips came through to the inside. We turned the plywood to the smooth side facing inside. It leaves the appearance of a finished roof and walls.

All that is left to do are - the 3 garage doors - the painting - the soffits - the service door lock - and the driveway.

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