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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Noles Lost Basketball Game To Carolina Last Night

Lulu and I went to see FSU play North Carolina. We hoped for an upset - but knew better. We jumped out to a 21 - 6 lead. Everyone was so happy. But the arena was only about ⅓ full. More people came -later - I guess they were watching the game at home and wanted to jump on the bandwagon.

The lead dwindled to 3 at the half. It was like a tsunami - you knew it was coming. At about 10 minutes to go - the game was tied. People started to leave. They announced a crowd of 7800 - their noses must be a foot long - I doubt if it ever really broke 5000. For the rest of the way the Seminoles flirted with being as close to 3 and it ended up a 6 point loss.

Carolina just had more bench. Our guys got tired. Our two 7 footers scored under 4 points each. Ian Miller had something to prove because Carolina did not offer him a scholarship. He score 20 - 8 of them right out of the starting blocks. It was his last shot at them.

We have to play number 1 Syracuse here on March 9th. But I doubt that we will make the NCAA playoff - even with that fluke win. We just do not have any blue chippers - and the chances are slim to get any. Simply - FSU and Tallahassee are not basketball places. I do not think a coaching change could help. Hamilton is a good coach but the talent is not there.

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