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Friday, January 03, 2014

Waiting for the Tow Truck

We are sitting behind a garage in Sarasota waiting for a tow truck to take us to Firkens Dodge in Bradenton. Good Sam will pay for the tow but we still do not know our problem or the price.

The camper died at a stop light yesterday. We limped here and spent the night. The mechanic here tried but no luck. They were very helpful -Certified Fleet Service -did not charge for service or our over night camping. :-)

Once we know what is wrong we can plan our trip home or our stay here.

We may rent a car home and I would fly back to get the roadtrek.

The camper was cozy even though it was cool outside. Up north is frigid. It is about 60 and sunny here. Everything in the camper works but the engine. We can cook - shower - watch tv - sleep.

The tow truck just called to say they will be here in 90 minutes.

Lulu just found an Avis rental car for $25 to Tallahassee one way. We may have to do that.

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