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Thursday, January 09, 2014

Tub - Power - Lights - Fireplace Stone - Day 94

Harry is pointing at one of 50 LED lights. Each bulb uses 10 watts of power - about 1/6 as much as a regular bulb. The bulbs do not get hot - they are dimmable - and they are instant on. These bulbs are not the swirly kind. They do not contain any harmful chemicals or gases. Lulu expected them to be dim - boy was she surprised. We have seen the bulbs sell for $10 to $30. We settled for $14 each at Costco.

It was a busy day. It only got up to 60 and it rained a spell. It did not stop the fireplace stone from being delivered. The masons started right away installing it between the living room and dining room. 

All of the faucets were installed and the drains hooked up. The showers were fitted. All that is left is that the tub must be hooked up.

Here is part of the stone shipment - Pro Ledge Flats Alaskan Sunset.

The power company connected us to the grid. The service line is underground. We do not even have a meter on the house. It is hidden in the bushes. 

This is bedroom 3 with lights on and the shutters closed. The bulbs sit in recessed cans in the ceiing. The bulbs do not get hot.

This is Lulu's tub. It is not steel - not porcelain - not fiberglass. Is is acrylic resins. It barely fits in the opening. To the left is the master closet - to the right is the drive-in shower. The tubs drain is in the middle. 

The fireplace will be covered with stacked stone. The gas fireplace is not just decoration - it really heats the home. It does not suck the room air up a chimney. It has a under concrete vent - no chimney thru the roof. 

The mason was stacking the stone.

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