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Friday, January 24, 2014

The Sod Is Brown - But In 5 Weeks I will be Mowing Like Crazy

1816 Seminole Drive - Tallahassee

The house is complete. They put the sod down - it reminds me of the Penn State football field after a bad game. The grass is dormant - but in 5 weeks - it will be green and cushy. 

Lulu has not seen the house yet - she is slugging it out in Philly for 5 days in that cold snap. She toured the prison with her cousins and nearly froze. Delta has already told her they are flying her home first class. She will get home late on Saturday night. 

All day Sunday she will be packing. Monday the moving van comes early. Monday night will be our first official night of living there. 

Today a lovely couple toured our old home at 1607 Seminole Drive. I am optimistic - but would not bet the house on it. They saw it listed on

Tomorrow at 9 AM - two people are coming to buy our old washer and dryer. Let's start a bidding war  :-)

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