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Monday, January 27, 2014

The Move Is Complete - It went 95% Well

Not bad for two senior citizens. The moving van arrive at 9 am. AMWAT provides a van and 2 movers for $100 an hour. Right away they started padding and wrapping our furniture. Some times they used so much wrap - I thought the wrap was worth nor than the item. During the whole time the $2 a minute meter was ring in my head like a cash register. The guys did a great job. On the other end they put everything where we wanted it - I should say where Lulu wanted it.

The Directv man called to say he could come early. I figured early is better then late. He reminded me that such a large run of cable for the dish will cost extra. We has special conduit installed to pull the cable to our attic media center. We sucked a string through the pipe with a vacuum cleaner. We also pulled an extra wire throughout for the Comcast internet guy who would be there later.

The TV setup went very well. We were feeling pretty good. So good Lulu decided to get pizza for the movers and directv guy. I reminded her of the clock ticking - but she said they had not even stopped for a break. Also she was hungry. They were very appreciative.

As they were unloading the comcast man arrived. He said since the cable had to go so far - they would do a special drop and use thicker cable. They would come down our pole and go underground. It would take about a week for the drop to happen. We were glum. Our perfect moving day would fade. Meanwhile the sod guys arrived with another truck of sod. They had to work around the moving van.

As this was going on - lulu and I took turns with the car carrying fragile stuff.

George and Joel dropped by and offered dinner out but lulu wanted to cook at home.

I almost forgot I had a craigslist deal going down at 5. Away I rode not telling lulu why. The guy was cool - waiting in his truck at CVS. I got back in time for a supper at the dinner table in front of the fire. Chicken fingers - perogies - and peas never tasted so good.

Just then we got a call from comcast. They would do the internet tap and drop tomorrow and then run the underground line Wednesday. The total run is 500 feet! But it was nice they speeded it up from a week to 2 days.

After supper we used the new bath tub and shower. As I type we are watching duke and Pitt play basketball.

You will note there are no pictures because I am posting from my phone. We will be without the net for 2 days - just phone.

Just as we got done with our last car load - it started to rain. We were lucky it was dry and not muddy for the move.

We have a lot of bins to unpack. The movers put all the bins in their proper rooms.

We left a skeleton furniture in the old house. We will stage it for sale now. In a few days it will be ready for showing. One realtor asked to bring someone Wednesday.

The new house is big - spacious - and tidy. The house is super quiet. You cannot hear the heat/ac one bit. I love that. When you are hard of hearing background noises are a pain.

We will continue with the sidewalks - landscaping - driveway - garage - now.

The house took 5 months - 100 work days. There were no hold ups Gary kept the subs lined up. They jump when he calls.

Until the garage is done. We will keep lulu's dodge staged at the old house. The Prius will sit over here.

We are tired and sore - the day was perfect except for the internet. We will settle for that. The move went about as well as the build. Not bad for a couple of gray heads.

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