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Saturday, January 04, 2014

Thank You - Angie and Certified Fleet Service of Sarasota

Angie of Certified Fleet Services in Sarasota with Lulu after our overnight stay in their driveway.

On Thursday - our camper broke down at a red light in front of the Ringing Museum in Sarasota. Good Sam Club Services told us to try to get to Certified Fleet Service - just a couple miles away. Somehow we nursed the camper there. 

When we got there - Angie at the front desk - helped us any way she could. She said the crew could look at it in 2 hours - because they were our on a service run. The crew arrived in the dark and rain - but tried really hard to find our problem. The camper would not start at all. 

They allowed us to stay the night in their driveway. In the morning the camper started right up and they tried to diagnose it. Then we tried to limp to the Dodge dealer - but we could not go far.

Angie once again came out to check on us. We called Good Sam Service again and they sent a wrecker to take us to the Dodge garage in Bradenton where the camper is now. Good Sam paid for the wrecker.

We give Certified Fleet Service our full endorsement. They took care of us the best they could - made us feel at home - and got us the help we needed. Thank you to Angie - Steve - Mark - and the rest the crew. 

We are in a hotel in Bradenton - the Hampton Inn - waiting for a call from Ken Haluska of Firkins Dodge - service advisor. He said we will know today what the camper needs today.  Hopefully they have the parts - and we can drive home today. 

This was the view from our "camper suite" in Sarasota.

Lulu rises to a sunny day of 60s in a sitting duck camper.

Jim's garage towed us to Firkins for service.

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