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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Moving Time On Seminole Drive - Monday Morning

George and Joel gave us a wonderful canvas for house warming. "Nothing gonna stop us now."

Lulu got home late last night from Philadelphia. Today we spent most of the day packing. I bought 40 bins at Cosco. We are using them for packing - then we will store stuff in the attic in them.

Yesterday - I begged my way in Costco. Lulu is a member - but not me. It did not take too much convincing. They let me buy 40 bins for the move. 

At 8 AM today - we decided to fill the 40 bins with stuff. The movers come tomorrow at 8:30 AM - so we decided to help them a little. We plan to have everything in labeled bins. Their main job is to take the big furniture pieces - but as long as the truck is here - we will fill it. We are paying a two men and a truck company $100 an hour. 

At 2 PM - we took a break to see the FSU girls play Va Tech in basketball. FSU was up by 22 at the half and coasted the rest of the way. When we got home about 4 PM - we decided to take the kitchen bins down to the new house - and put stuff in the drawers - cabinets - and pantry. We hauled the bins in our trailer with the prius. We could move every thing like that except I can lift the big ones any more. 

At about  6 PM - George and Joe - our good neighbors - came to the new house with a house warming gift. They took pictures at our son's wedding - and had one printed on canvas. It is beautiful.

We did our first load of laundry in the new house. Lulu hadn't even unpacked her bags from the trip up north.  Our new washer and dryer are white - the ones we sold were black and 5 years old. 

At 7 PM - we came home and had supper. Since we are going to South Carolina next weekend - we will not be here for the Clemson game. I sold the 4 tickets on craigslist - and made a nice profit. 

So we are ready for Monday - the big day with the mover. I loved Mondays - it reminds me of new beginnings. We will start our new life in our new home - even if it is only 5 doors down the street.

This is a canvas print of our son's wedding.

Costco sold me 40 bins. Here is how you get them home. 

40 bins stacked up where our washer and dryer were. I sold the washer/dryer yesterday on Craigslist for $650.

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