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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

I Make A Trade On Craigslist Today

The iPad 2 in the open leather case.

I have only made one other trade on Craigslist - when I traded a Honda van for our Prius. That one involved some cash. Today - I traded even up - a MacBook Air for an iPad2. Now before you say I got ripped - my MacBook Air was broken. 

The MacBook Air needed a new screen. The local Mac shop said they wanted $300 to install a new screen. You can buy a screen for $90 - but then you would have to find someone to install it. I decided I did not want to invest that much more into a 3 year old computer. 

An FSU engineering student called and offered a 2 month old iPad2 in an even up trade. He needed a MacBook Air for his work at school. 

My MacBook air cost $1000 in October of 2010. His iPad2 cost $499. His ipad2 came with a leather cover and a plastic cover. Both of us had the original boxes. 

My MacBook Air served me well. 

The iPad 2 has a leather case.

The iPad 2 also has a plastic case.

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