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Tuesday, January 07, 2014

House Day 93 - Shutters Done - More Cabinets Installed - Vanity Tops Up

The front porch is shaping up. Note the shutters.

It was freezing in Tallahassee today - really freezing. It was around 27 degree last night. 

There is no heat in the new house yet. But the temperature has stayed pretty high - thanks to all of the insulation. 

Kevin Rodgers and his crew were installing more cabinets and putting doors on them. The cabinets are all made from scratch by Kevin. He used ¾ inch thick cherry wood for everything. Then he put a medium stain on them - and finally a mat clear finish. 

The granite was put in place. The large slab on the island is 4 feet by 9 feet. It weighs 1280 pounds. The appliances arrived and are stainless steel - frig - a microwave - dishwasher - and gas range. There will be a custom made silent hood over the stove without a motor - the pull motor is in the attic. 

 The island separates the kitchen from the dining area.

The shutters are all installed. Burkett Carver of The Louver Shop and his crew did a splendid job. 28 windows - 56 shutters - 112 light stops - 56 magnets.

Like in the White House - the green room has 4 shutters. the shutters were installed by The Louver Shop - a national firm owned by Jim Tortorelli. Lulu's brother Jack makes the plastic pellets for Jim.

 The top cabinets will have glass doors.

 The vanity tops are poured - one piece. In the master bath - the sinks are round.

 The master bath tub will be on the left - the drive-in shower on the right.

 The attic is not painted. The walls and ceiling are just plaster white. The room is 20 x 60 x 10. There are 4 little doors to go into the cubby holes. They are made from scrap beadboard.

 The left bedroom has its shutters closed - slats closed. The right bedroom has shutters closed - slats open.

 Today the city inspected the electrical fixtures. Tomorrow we will turn on the power. Up until today we got power form an extension cord thru the lock hole.

The guest bathroom has a poured vanity top with square sinks. The toilets are installed. In the background is the drive-in shower. 

The back of the house looks just like the front of the house. 

Later this week Robert Norton will bring the grader back to grade the yard. Next week we get centipede sod.

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