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Thursday, January 23, 2014

House Day 100 - We Got Inspected and Got Our Certificate of Occupancy

14 pallets of sod arrived on the flat bed.

Day 100 finally arrived. The city inspector passed our home with a perfect score. The inspector loved the home - and the quality of materials. It was almost anti-climatic. We can move in now. 

The day started with the sod men working hard grading the property. Mike Runyan of Big Bend Landscaping is doing the job. Around 10 AM a full tractor trailer of centipede sod arrived. It was pretty brown - but I was assured that the sod was dormant - a great time to install it. Mike said in about 5 weeks I will be mowing it.

The crew worked very hard to contour the land. The code requires you to slant the ground away from the house on all four sides. They used a laser transit to keep an eye on the grade. In the afternoon a crew of 8 was placing the sod on the ground. 

While this was going on - Gary Wayne was installing the front and back door locks and door handles. The doors have been stained two times - but they will still get a coating of marine varnish. The locks have a digital key pad - you punch in a digital code and the lock opens. You can have the locks lock by themselves or lock at the press of a button.

Finally - we had a new washer and dryer arriving between 3 and 5. But at 8:30 - I was still waiting. They finally arrived and did the installation. I was alone in the house and my iPhone was running out of power. See - white people can sing the blues too. "I am home alone - and my cell phone's running down."

When Gary started he said the job would take about 100 days. Remember 7 of those days were for tearing down the brick house - removing the trees - and shaping the site. 

Lulu comes home from Philadelphia on Saturday - we will pack on Sunday - the moving van comes Monday. We got two men and a truck for $100 an hour - minimum two hours. That is something that I wish were over. "I got the moving day blues - even if it is only 5 doors away."

The sod was grown north of town in Havana.

Mike Runyan was checking the grade. We want the land to drain away from the buildings.

The new washer and dryer are in place. It was suppose to get here around 3 - but it arrived after 8. I missed FSU girls playing Duke - I had tickets. Duke won in overtime.

At 9 PM - I pressed the little lock button and walked home.

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