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Monday, December 30, 2013

The Plantation Shutters Arrived Today

Although all 28 windows are 3 feet by 6 feet - each shutter was made to fit  each individual window opening. There are 56 panels in all. Although our windows are plumb and square - to operate perfectly - some spacers will have to be used. The shutters are mounted inside and they are all functional. 

Each shutter was packed in its own shipping blanket. 

The shutters were made in The Louver Shop - a national company that makes custom shutters near Dahlonega GA. The company is owned by Jim Tortorelli - an FSU graduate and friend of ours. We met him through Lulu's brother Jack. Jack's firm makes the bulk plastic for The Louver Shop. 

Burkett Carver - the sales agent - placed each shutter next to the designated window - making sure all the numbers matched.  On Thursday - the crew from the factory will be here to install all 28 pairs. 

Each shutter panel has two sets of slats - uppers and lowers - that can be opened independently. There are 10 slats for the top and 10 slats for the bottom. We had a choice of wood or plastic. We chose plastic because the color is the same thru and thru - even if they get chipped. Also there will be shutters in the shower and above the tub. We did not want any warping or wood rot.  

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