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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

FSU Soccer Loses National Championship Game To UCLA In Overtime

Sunday while we were driving home from the ACC Championship Game in Charlotte - the Seminole Girls Soccer Team was playing against the UCLA Bruins. The game ended a scoreless tie. In overtime - UCLA scored.

For some obscure reason - the national championship is always played in Cary NC. This usually give UNC an edge - but this year they were not even the ACC Champs.

The temperature at game time was 46 degrees. It is a shame that two teams from sunny warm states must run around in shorts and t-shirts freezing in the most important game of their lives. Soccer is a game of finesse - not a game to test how much cold one can stand.

FSU has been in the final game several times - so has UCLA. This is the first time they won - as it would have been the first time FSU would have one.

We were able to watch the entire game in our camper - going down the highway - with the iPhone/TV/Slingbox combo.

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