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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Pennsylvania and Florida - My Two Homes This Morning

The above pictures were stolen from Doris and Diane Hollenbach - I used their maiden name. They both are THS grads.

Doris lives in Homestead FL - Diane lives back home in Tamaqua PA. They both took these pictures at sunrise this morning out of their kitchen windows and intuitively posted them. At age 18 - Doris left home and took a job at Sears in Miami. She met her husband Elias there and they have been living the dream in the sunshine for 42 years. 

I often refer to Florida State University as Penn State with palm trees. The two schools are very similar. It is 44 in Tallahassee right now but it will be 80 tomorrow. 

We will be up north this year for Christmas. We look forward to seeing a little snow - but not having to shovel it. Every year we go back home - fewer of our friends and family are around - but it is still our unchanging home. My sister Gail died this year - but she loved the spirit of the season - and what it stood for - Peace on Earth. These photos show - no matter the Christmas weather - peace can be found anywhere you look.

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