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Sunday, December 29, 2013

On Christmas We Miss The Folks Back Home

George and Brandon Taylor

We just got home at midnight from a 5 day trip up north to Washington. Lulu and I got to see our kids and grandkids. I was lucky enough to see my sister Judy and her husband. We did not get to Tamaqua to see loved ones there.

Christmas is not Christmas without a couple hours in front of the fireplace with George and Mary Ruth Taylor. This year would even be better - Brandon is home from China. You may re-call Brandon - he was editor of the Blue and White at Tamaqua - then editor of the "Blue and White" at Penn State. Then with a fresh journalism diploma in hand - took a job in China and never looked back. Brandon lives in Hong Kong now - and I cannot imagine what that is like for the parents. But I could imagine the same thing playing out 40 years ago when George was so full of an education from Penn State and so full of pee from his youth.

Both fellas have marched to the beat of their own drums. And that is what I missed most this year in a Christmas without Tamaqua.

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