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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Merry Christmas To Our New House From Keith and Liz

Keith - Liz - Harry - on Christmas morning

One of the neatest gifts we got was a Nest from Keith and Liz. You can read all about it on I will be sure to do a big story when I review it. 

It is simply the coolest home thermostat ever. It is essentially a digital computer that memorizes all your HVAC settings - and controls your heat pump. It also hooks up to the Internet via wifi. You have an App on your iPhone and can monitor your home and change the settings anywhere in the world. 

We just got back at midnight from spending 5 days with the Everhart 8 in Washington. Yesterday Keith and Liz took us to see the Georgetown Hoyas clobber FIU - then they bon voyaged us at the airport. 

We should be living in our new home in two weeks. 

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