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Thursday, December 05, 2013

Jameis Winston Situation -

I am very glad the whole situation is over. For the last 3 weeks it has dominated the news - here in town and across the country.

Tallahassee is a great town - but the national media chose to paint our police and officials as bumpkins. You would swear that all that we know are the words to the War Chant.

If you were ever falsely accused of doing something wrong - you can imagine a little bit what Winston's life has been like. He is easily the best football player in the nation this year - but his life will be tainted by being accused of raping a girl. Her life will never be the same. She has left school - has been identified on the Net - her whole police report is on line for the world to see. Neither deserve this.

Lulu - Drew - Keith and I are all big FSU football fans - we have been since we spent a year in Tallahassee in 1988 - while Lulu earned her doctorate here. We have attended more games and bowls than I can count. We all love Bobby Bowden like a grandfather. So it is a shame that maybe the best football season ever has been tainted by this.

Last weekend we went to Gainesville to watch the Noles blast our arch rival. We were happy to win - but the magic was lost in this cloud. Just like Penn State fans were drug through the mud by Jerry Sandusky's crime - Tallahassee and FSU are being painted as football zealots - more worried about their quarterback than a crime. The State Attorney has decided there was no evidence of rape. It appears that some college kids were doing what college kids do - drinking and socializing.  Any person in the limelight must be extra careful - because they are constantly under scrutiny.

Tomorrow Lulu and I will drive the camper to Charlotte to meet up family - Jack and Tami - to watch FSU play Duke to be king of the ACC. FSU has beaten 12 teams this year by an average of more than 40 points. No team has ever done this. But the magic is not there. FSU will probably be playing for the national championship - but we will be staying home. It is just not the same.

Jameis Winston will probably win the Heisman Trophy naming him the best football player in the land. He will go on to the NFL and make millions - but everywhere he goes people will say - oh - he's the one that was accused of rape. He is 19 years old - we should know better.

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