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Friday, December 20, 2013

House Days 89 and 90 - Completed the Mahogany Hardwood Floor

Josh Wells is putting down the last few boards in Jack's private cubby hole under the steps - like Harry Potter.

Thursday and Friday - We completed the hardwood floors. It was a long tedious job - but my crew did an excellent job. The hardwood floors are in the living room - dining room - kitchen - pantry - and 3 bedrooms. There is porcelain tile in the bathrooms - the master closet - and the laundry. In our present home- we chose to nail and screw the hardwood to the concrete floor. This time we chose to glue the tongue and groove material with a water based glue. It was my job to wipe off the completed floor - the glue comes off easily with a wet cloth. I have completed the living room - it will take me a couple days to do the rest of the floors.

The 1200 feet of attic floor is ¾ inch plywood. I have sanded ⅓ of that floor - we plan to leave it unfinished plywood - with maybe a little oil stain. 

The living room hardwood is cleaned and done. Next the fireplace gets its stone.

The living room floors shine - they get lots of light from the windows and door. 

The white pocket door separates the guest suite from the great room. Notice the kitchen cabinets in the background.

Bedroom 3 - the floor is still dusty from the painters sanding the walls. This is in the SW corner room.

Bedroom 2 - the wood is done but dusty. This is in the SE corner.

The sunny SE room will have plantation shutters as will all the windows.

The front door enters into the living room directly. The door is fiberglass - is solid - filled with styrofoam insulation. 

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