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Thursday, December 12, 2013

House Day 84 - Hanging Pocket Doors - Starting Hardwood Floor - Grouting the Porches - Painting Woodwork

The painter was caulking the baseboards while Gary Wayne was hanging a pocket door.

This is the tiled back porch before the khaki grout is applied.

The brick around the foundation is Henry Brick of Selma AL - The brick style is Hartford. 

Lulu tests the pocket door between the master bath and master closet. The doors are quiet and smooth. 

Gary Wayne is starting to install the mahogany hardwood floor. 

Lulu examines the front porch before the grout was applied. the porches are covered with porcelain tile. Porcelain tile is colored at the way through in case you chip it. This tile is slip proof and frost proof. It is ADA approved. 

In front of Harry the khaki grout is already applied. Behind him - the cracks are still exposed. Kim the grouter is in the back ground on lunch break.

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