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Monday, December 02, 2013

House Day 76 - Tile and Painting

Monday -  Gary said it will take about 100 days to build our house. We are now at Day 76 - and it appears he will be right. 

The painters today put a second coat of varnish on the porch ceilings. They also put a second coat of paint on the front and back siding of the house. They were also painting the white woodwork inside.

The tile men were prepping the showers for the tile work by using mortar to shape the shower floors. Both shower floors will be covered with pebbles. There will be no thresholds going into the showers so they must be slanted toward the drains.

The painters put on the final varnish coat on the porch ceilings. Since this is the only wood on the outside exposed to the air - it needed a good sealing. The rain and the sun will never touch this wood. 

Shaping the large floor in the guest bathroom was skillfully done with a level.

This tile man was cutting tiles to make the borders around the master bathroom.

This picture shows the finished porch ceiling - the siding with a second coat of paint on it - and the exterior hardboard trim with two coats of paint on it. Note the keystone.

The posts and lintels are painted white. The vanished ceiling really shines.

This is the shaped floor in the master shower.

The master bathroom will have white subway tile.  The decorative strip was made by cutting some floor tiles.

Here is a pile of decorative borders made from floor tiles.

The 4 scuttle holes in the attic lead to the HVAC hardware. They also allow you to work on ceiling fixtures. The doors are made from scrap wood. 

The man is pushing mud to shape the guest bathroom floor. The guest shower is big enough to drive in with a wheelchair - turn around - and come back out.

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