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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Day 88 - Installing the Hardwood Floor

Gary - Josh - and Gary worked all day installing mahogany hardwood floors. This is the pantry off the kitchen. All that is left to do are the two guest bedrooms.

Even the coat closet and the cubby hole under the steps received a glued down layer of hardwood

That is the front door and this is looking east to the street. It was a little messy because the painters were sanding all the walls and woodwork to give it another coat of paint. 

This is looking west from the living room into the diting room. We are waiting on the stone for the fireplace. As soon as it comes in - it is going up.

The vacuum cleaner is in the kitchen. The kitchen will be separated from the dining room by a granite topped island. The island will have cabinets all around it. 

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