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Sunday, December 08, 2013

3 Days on the Road for 4 Hours of Football - Partying with Family Was Worth It

Tami bought librarian Lulu a book for her personal collection.

We were able to buy super box seats for $30. They had a face value of $150 - but I think sponsors were giving them away. With a 300 level ticket you could sit inside or outside. We tried both.

We left Tallahassee on Friday morning at 9 - and enjoyed a balmy trip north through Georgia. We camped near Columbia SC on Friday night - it was so warm we slept with the roof vent open and no heat on.

Saturday temperatures plummeted - for us it was frigid - 54 at game time but the air was laden with moisture. It froze Lulu to the bones at the game and she only spent about one quarter outside. But the rain held of until midnight when the game was over and FSU was crowned Kings of the ACC.

I slept in the camper on Saturday night - with the furnace on it was downright toasty. Lulu chose a hotel bed. I had 5 full hours of wonderful sleep - when the phone woke me at 6 AM - Lulu was wide awake and she was ready to go home.

The 10 hours drive was easy - but long. The first half was through rain - and temperature in the 40s. Nothing compared to what Jack and Tami had on the way home  - an ice storm. We were happy they made it safely. We were greeted in Florida with a temperature of 79 and the sun. It felt good to be back - we were only done 3 days - but it seemed longer.

Lulu and I both drove - usually going for 2 hour stints - while the other reclined in the back watching TV thought our iPhone to TV connection and out slingbox from back home.
Even though it was only in the 40s and we had woolen blankets - we did not last long outside.

Friday night in Milledgeville GA - was balmy as we enjoyed some street entertainment and supper at The Brick.

At about 4 PM - we found these two free meter space near the stadium. Lulu called the cops to make sure it was okay to park there for the game. Jackie quickly brought his garnet Honda Accord with all the goodies. See the stadium in the background.

The Bank of America Stadium is right downtown - so there was a festival atmosphere downtown. Jack and Lulu had a Jack and Coke in honor of our friend Jim.

FSU President Barron accepted the ACC Trophy.

Jimbo Fisher - who just signed a $21 million extension to his contract - could not be happier. 

MVP Jameis Winston did a little dance on stage and told all the fans he loved them. Jameis will sign a contract that dwarfs Jimbo's.

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