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Friday, November 08, 2013

We Just Scored Some FSU Basketball Season Tickets

Lulu is always scanning the Craigslist page for deals. Many of the deals she finds are too good to be true. But this time she hit pay dirt.

This season FSU has some pretty good teams coming here to play. There are 14 games here in all. Duke does not come here - they try to stay out of Tallahassee any time they can. But North Carolina comes to town. Then add two new former Big East schools - Syracuse - Notre Dame. Round it off with Virginia - Maryland - Clemson - Virginia Tech - Miami - Georgia - and a few weak sisters.

I can't tell you how much I paid - or I would have to kill you - but it is 14 games times 4 tickets per game or 56 tickets. Face value varies from $16 to $40. Carolina - Notre Dame - and Syracuse have $40 face value. 

Who knows if we will use them all - but good ol' Lulu was in a frenzy after Oregon lost to Stanford last night - opening the way for FSU to play in the national championship football game. Of course FSU must beat - Wake Forest - Syracuse - Idaho - ACC inter-champ  - and beat Alabama in Pasadena. It is still a bit of a gauntlet - but now they do not have to depend on others to fail.

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