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Sunday, November 03, 2013

Florida State Seminoles Clobber Miami - We Paid Way Too Much For Tickets

We just got home at 1 AM.  It took one hour to go 3 miles. 

Traffic was terrible -  they announced the biggest crowd ever 84,500 - and everyone stayed until the end to party.

The parking place we had was great to tailgate - no one else parties there because they are going to the president's box.

Tickets were hard - I did not see any tickets being held up - two nice people came and offered to us - $100 each - $230 for another pair. Ironically they were in the same section 32 on the 40 yard line. We were in row 50. Every seat was full this time - first I remember that.

Joel and Joan decided to take a cab home - we could not get anymore tickets. 

Someone offered me $800 for my 4 tickets that I paid $400 for. I should have taken the money and came back to the camper and say I could not find any tickets. :-)

Seminoles controlled the game  - had 5 - 70 yard drive. They had over 500 yards - won by about 30 points. Mob said 22 was the spread. Noles covered.

Weather was perfect - 60's until near end it hit 50s. No rain in sight which was good because yesterday we had a down pour. 

The camper was perfect. Lots of room. We had chairs and a table outside. 

There were quite a few empty parking spaces int he president's guests lot. There are 225 spaces there. 

Winston was nearly perfect expect for 2 picks. 

Our guest had fun at the president's house and in the president's box. They took a cab home.

Noles had a good win against a number 6 team - and always a rival.  

Off to bed. Pictures tomorrow.

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