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Thursday, November 28, 2013

The Gross's Family Tradition - Serving Thanksgiving Dinner to 40 Stray Friends

Max - Melissa - Cassandra - Josh - Els Gross and Ron. They were last in line after everyone ate. 

I love Thanksgiving. It has so much going for it - friends and family - but there is not pressure over giving and receiving gifts. It is just good eating and conversation. Being thankful is much better than getting gifts.

Josh and Melissa Gross are two of our best friends. They do something very nice. In a college town there are lots of people here without family to enjoy the day. I call them misfits. Well guess what - the Gross's include us in that group. They serve this wonderful meal which includes pies every year. This year they made 21 pies from scratch. Many people did not believe me last year so I took photos. 
There were tons of side dishes.

Main dishes were ham - turkey - chicken.

 The pies all had names - some I never heard of. 

And here you see everybody digging in the pies. 

 All of the extras were taken home in foam doggie boxes. 

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