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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Seminoles Win Three Games Sunday - We Were There

Seminole volleyball over Notre Dame.

Basketball victory from our season tickets spot. I sold my extra pair for $10 each.

Paul and Evan Marty were on the court to receive their prize.

Stan Wilcox in black is our new athletic director. Chief Billy of the Seminole Nation  is giving him his official Seminole coat. Also the Seminole Princesses.

Lulu flew in from Hartford at 11 AM. By noon we were watching the Seminoles clobber Notre Dame in volleyball 3-0. 

At 2 PM - we went to the Civic Center to see the mens basketball team beat UT - Martin. At that game there was a ceremony where the Seminole Indians officially gave Athletic Director Stan Wilcox his new coat of many colors. Also our friends Paul and Evan Marty received a basketball for buying season tickets 10 years in a row. Paul often gives us those tickets when they can't make it to the game. 

After supper at 6 PM - we sat up close to watch the Seminole girls basketball team beat Prairie View. George and Joel were already there as we entered at tipoff. We left pearly after about 3/4th the game - Lulu had a long day. the game was out of reach already - another Seminole victory. counting the football game - we watched 4 Seminoles victory this weekend. 

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