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Saturday, November 16, 2013

Saturday Morning - Caulking and Painting

The casements above the windows are made of Hardiboard. The siding is Nichiboard. Both products are made of concrete. Note the Keystones above each window. They remind us of our friends back home in the Keystone State. The exterior wood trim will be painted white. The siding will be painted dark khaki. 

This morning I carted down to the house site - expecting to be able to clean up a bit. I was surprised to find 5 painters there caulking and painting away. They had masked the interior and were done painting all the ceilings white. They had covered all the vents and lighting fixtures and the second spray coat was drying. The rest of the house will be brush painted.

Another painter was outside caulking - a second one was inside caulking the windows and baseboard. Controlling a caulking gun is an art. 

I guess the next thing they were going to do was paint the inside wood trim. I did not sticking around - I got paint on my sweat pants and wanted to shout it out. Now to get my shower and go to the Syracuse at FSU football game - Bobby and the 1993 Championship Team will be the guests of honor. I expect that one ticket will be cheap - I prefer to sit down close behind the team to see the guests.

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