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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Safely Home from the Swamp with a Scalp in Our Pocket

We had nice tickets on the 10 yard line for $30. They called it the Sunshine Showdown - who made that up.

Jameis threw this last touchdown in front of us.

Lulu got up this morning at 6 AM. As we were lilting in the bed waiting for the alarm to ring she said - we don't have to go to the swamp - we can watch it on TV. If she insisted we stay home - I would have obliged - but if we were ever going to beat the Gators in the Swamp today was the day.

At 8 AM - we pulled out of the house. We took the Prius because it gets great mileage for day trips. We headed south down old Route 27 through cracker country. When we got to Cross Keys we took Route 26 east - it goes right by the stadium. Good thing we did not take the Interstate - many fans were tied up in traffic there and missed the kickoff.

We got to the stadium at 11 - parked the car about 4 blocks away on University Avenue - which is Route 26. A nice young couple was renting out parking spots for $20. It included drinks - snacks - and bathroom. We parked under a tree in the back away from the busy crowds.

There were plenty of tickets for sale - but the prices were not good so early. After turning down quite a few - a Seminole fan had a pair on the 10 yard line and he settled for $30. We ate our packed lunch outside watching the crowd. We got to our seats for kickoff. There were quite a few empty seats - I thought the Gators fans had abandoned their team. 

The Noles were sluggish - taking a 3-0 first quarter lead. They stretch it to 17-0 at the half. We did not leave our seats for the whole game. The weather was threatening - it was 70 but the clouds hung low. Lulu had a few snacks in her purse and we survived halftime. I had a soda in my pants and that was enough. 

The Noles scored 20 more points after half time - but it is remarkable how the Gator fans kept cheering. This team was 4-7 - but most of them stayed. We ended up with an announced crowd of 90,000 - more than ever saw the Seminoles at home. Boy they can make the Swamp roar. I never heard Doak this loud - but it did not seem to bother the Seminoles. They were ready though 37 points is their lowest output for the season. But they were in the Swamp and this was the Gators.

Six years ago - Lulu - Keith - and I came to this very game. Tickets were difficult and Bobby was getting pounded by Tebow and Company. The Gator fans were sinister even in victory. 

This time we were surrounded by Gators - but there were plenty of Seminole fans in the mix. A lot of season ticket holders sold their tickets - not wanting to witness the slaughter. 

The game went fast - we were back in our car and on the road at 3:30. With a small stop for a snack - we were home just after 6.

Costs - we spent $60 for tickets - $20 to park - $20 for gasoline - $10 for fast food - $110 total. I could have gotten tickets cheaper if I waited a while - there were a ton there.

The Prius got 48 miles per gallon. Lulu got her blanket out for the last hour and relaxed. I doubt if we will go to the Swamp again. We witnessed a game there both ways. I have to tell you that winning felt really nice - but it did not make up for how bad it felt losing the first time. The goodness was not nearly on a level of that badness. 

The Seminoles are 12-0 for the first time since 1999. They play Duke in the ACC Championship Game in Charlotte next Saturday. Right now - we plan to take the camper - and see Jackie and Tami there. Charlotte is about 500 miles away. It was only 147 miles to Gainesville the back way - and 149 miles home the Interstate.

I have a feeling that this week they will announced if Jameis Winston is going to be charged with a crime. If he is charged - he cannot play. If the case is closed - he is a free man. He is having a wonderful season - it would be a shame if he were charged - and later found innocent - when it is too late. If he committed a crime - he should go to jail. 

There were empty seats at kickoff - but most of them filled.

Another Jameis Winston pass.

FSU Marching Chief easily won the field battle. They were right across from us and loud the whole game.

Our Prius had a nice place to rest - in the shade - protected from the crowds. 

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