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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Rainy Day At The Work Site - House Day 73

iphone video
The pouring rain gives you an idea of the lay of the land. Water is contoured around the house and away from the house. The concrete foundation will be one foot above the ground level - high enough that water will not ever threaten the house - but low enough so no porch rails are required. A small ramp will easily allow a wheelchair to roll into the house. All thresholds are level - the doors are 36 inches wide. 

Tuesday - it poured on the work site since midnight. Nothing could be done outside. The tile man moved all the tiles and mud indoors. Tomorrow morning they will start tiling the bathrooms - kitchen - and laundry room. Do not forget the 1200 feet of tile on the porches. 

Gary and Gary Wayne continued doing woodwork inside - closets - baseboard - etc.
This is the porcelain tile that will cover both porches. My foot is there for comparison. The tile is colored all the way through in case it ever gets knicked or scratched. It will be set in tan grout. The brick work on the foundation will match this tile in color and grout. The tiles are 16 by 16 inches. The tile is frost proof and slip proof. 

The cabinets in the master closet were primered.

This is the tile for the bathrooms and kitchen. Lulu exclusively selected all the tile. 

This is the tile for the back porch - 600 square feet.

This is the tile for the front porch - 600 square feet. That is Gary having lunch on the front porch - watching the rain. The floor are tiles packaged about 8 tiles per box. 

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