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Saturday, November 16, 2013

"New Money" You Decide

About 12 years ago - the library director of Columbia SC - hired Lulu to come to do a workshop. They were paying her a handsome fee - so I went along to enjoy the state. We arrived in Columbia about 7 PM the night before the all day workshop - and the airline lost Lulu's bag. She had nothing to wear but the clothes on her back. The airline said they would have her bag in the morning.

I said "no way" - I told the airline Lulu needed a new outfit and we were going to charge it to the airline. We went to a mall - it was getting late. Lulu bought a new suit - new handbag - new underwear - stockings - and shoes. It came to about $300. 

We went to our hotel - her bag never arrived - and Lulu dressed up. She looked like Queen Elizabath with her bag and blue suit. I drove her to the workshop - we were met by Ira Thompson - the director.  When Lulu got out of the car - Ira said, "Oh you look like new money!"

I told Lulu it was because she looked like a rube dressed up after a big paycheck. She insisted it just meant you look good.

For the record - the airline paid for the outfit and did find her bag at 1PM.

Today I got this video in my email - you decide.

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