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Friday, November 15, 2013

Neat Toyota Camper for $700

1986 Toyota Coachmen Motor Home

About 4 months ago I drove this neat Toyota Camper. At the time the young man wanted $3000 for it.  I would have given him maybe $1500. He has it up for sale again at $700. The only problem is the engine is not running.

The camper has a full working kitchen and bathroom.

If I were not so busy - I would buy it and fix it up. Toyotas are strong and this one is no exception. It is a 1986 model year and it would have match our 1986 Dodge 600 and  our 1986 Honda Helix.

Call him and tell him Harry sent you.

Here is the write-up -

I've got a 1986 Toyota Coachmen Rv for sale.
The good:
- All electric works
- All plumbing (except for 2nd sink) is in and works
- Has new vinyl walls, wooden floor, cab seat covers
- No leaks, mold, or rust
- Good tires
- All wiring and lights work
- Upgraded stereo system
- Has cold AC and hot heat, on both ceiling unit and in the cab

The bad:
- Engine won't start, had it towed to its current location. You'll have to have it towed or loaded to take it, and a pickup with a hitch could easily tow it. Has been on road trips before, not sure what's wrong with the engine. You'd have to take it to a mechanic, unless you're mechanically inclined yourself. It started at one point and had some engine knock, and now won't turn over. I have no idea what's wrong with it, it could be anything from a blown gasket to a faulty starter to the whole engine being blown. The inside's in nice condition though.

All in all, it's a cool rv, you'd just have to tinker with the engine. I have a clean Florida title in hand. There's a shower, two queen sized beds, two sinks, a toilet, and a small bench. It's probably worth more than this if you were to scrap it for metal and wires inside. It has a generator inside that I haven't looked at, it doesn't currently work. I know it needs a new fuse. It used to drive very comfortably, and was great on gas. It's got slightly over 80,000 miles on it, the transmission and everything mechanical worked great (when it was running). It's fuel-injected and has no leaks or emissions that I can find, and the power steering works great. For more pictures, text 9412238746 or email me. Looking for 700 cash OBO, or hit me up with anything you have to trade. The worst that can happen is that I say no.

Two double beds

Dinette turns to bed

Full private bathroom with tub.
Bathroom sink and toilet.

4 cylinder engine.

Tires were okay.

About 20 feet long

Ladder to the roof.

Pressure washer would clean this up.

Skylight and AC.

Automatic transmission.

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